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Rejse Mad og drikke
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Fiddme aims to be a local visual guide to the culinary wonders around you exposing new to new dishes, places and friends in your area.

* Easily share your food experiences with your friends
* Have the best dining experience! Using fiddmes visual dish recommendations youll always know whats best to order wherever you go
* Dont fall behind on your favorite check-in game. Keep playing Foursquare & Gowalla using Fiddme without the hassle of having to switch apps and check-in multiple times.

Latest updates (version 1.5):
Lots of things:
* Gowalla support - you can now connect your account to Gowalla using OAuth and check in every time you add a new bite.
* Moved to the new facebook APIs.
* Invite facebook friends and follow those who already signed up for fiddme.
* Share - you can now share bites using email or copy the links to the pasteboard and share from there. You can also share places.
* Retina display support.
* Report a problem now allows you to enter text so it will be easier for us to understand whats wrong with the information.

* 7 new languages + english :
Russian - thanks to Alen Kaminski
Italian - thanks to our friends at
French - thanks to Yohan Hadjedj
Dutch - thanks to Ralph Reijs
Japanese - thanks to our friends at
Korean - thanks to our friends at
Simplified Chinese - thanks to our friends at